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Mr. Salt is referred to by her as "Daddy" in all versions of the story. Mr. Salt’s solution to most problems of Veruca is to buy his way out of them. He is depicted as a member of the upper classes and usually portrayed with an English accent. (But this accent is not necessary—just make sure Veruca and Mr. Salt sound like they hail from the same place; i.e. France, America, Japan, etc.)

Salt is very servile and does whatever his daughter says.


Early Life

Mr. Salt was raised in England, As a young man, he founded a business which was known for selling nuts, which managed him to became wealthy due to his hard work and buy a large mansion eventually marrying Angina Salt and have a daughter named Veruca Salt, whom he spoiled a lot and gave her everything.

His daughter’s final demand is that she wants a flying glass elevator, after seeing Mr. Wonka's contraption soaring in the sky, high above the building. However, instead of cheerfully catering to Veruca’s demands like before, as he had been reformed by the Oompa Loompas (who he felt had taught him a very good parenting lesson), Rupert tells Veruca sternly and firmly that the only thing she will be getting that day “is a bath, and that’s final”. Not only did he change his opinion of Veruca, he also changed his ways of disciplining her by realizing that both he and his wife had been constantly spoiling her. When she speaks up, he glares at her. Although Rupert knows that Veruca wants a flying glass elevator anyway, he proves that his new opinion of his daughter is serious.

Behind the Scenes

In the 1971 film, he and Sam Beauregarde act friendly towards each other during the boat ride, unlike the rivalry their daughters have. This implies that Mr. Salt has found a potential business partner. In the 2005 movie, after the ordeal with his daughter in the Nut Sorting Room, he becomes a stricter father by denying his "princess" a flying glass elevator, instead responding that the only thing she will be getting that day "is a bath, and that's final".