The Rhino is the climax antagonist from James and the Giant Peach, and an unseen antagonist in the book. It is voiced by Frank Welker in the movie. In the book, the rhino is mentioned to have escaped the London Zoo one day and killed James' mother and father. It makes no other appearances after that. In the film, the rhino appears several times as a tempestuous spectral being that is constantly accompanied by storm clouds and ferocious lightning. It pursues James throughout the film, finally confronting him over the skies of New York - the Rhino seriously damages the Peach, and James faces off with it himself. He verbally renounces the Rhino's existence, denouncing it as nothing but smoke and noise, and that he wasn't afraid of it. The Rhino strikes the Peach one last time, and then dissolves - James has conquered his fear of the Rhino, but in the process his Peach plummets on to the Empire State Building.
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