Mrs Teavee is the mother of Mike Teavee. In the book, she and her husband accompany Mike to the factory. But in the 1971 version, only Mrs. Teavee goes with him, as Willy Wonka's ticket states that each child may bring just one family member with them. Mrs. Teavee seems perfectly happy for Mike to spend all his time watching TV, oblivious to his surroundings. She appears to be somewhat squeamish and easily rattled. In the end, when her son is shrunk small enough to fit in her purse, she swoons and is escorted away by the Oompa-Loompas. She has a non-speaking cameo in the 2005 adaption, as it is Mr. Teavee who goes with his son to the factory.

West End Musical

In the West End version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Doris Teavee is portrayed as a neurotic, alcoholic, suburban housewife (she's even dressed in a stereotypical 50's housewife fashion). Her son, Mike Teavee, is the reason for her neurotic and alcoholic nature. Although she claims that "Mike is just high spirited," Mike's shenanigans such as "stealing a German tank," or "setting [their] cat ablaze," had made her even more stressed out. To deal with her bratty son, she resorts to "mommy water" (or alcohol) and is basically not even parenting him anymore. During the factory, not only is she the most observant parent, she also cares about the other kids to some degree. Although most adaptions have Mike Teavee stretched out by the taffy puller to retain his normal height, he actually stays small. Mrs. Teavee actually likes him better this way, knowing that he can no longer cause trouble for those around him.

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