Mrs. Gloop is the mother of Augustus Gloop and the wife of Mr. Gloop. She was never given a first name. She encourages Augustus's gluttonous eating habits. She does not believe her son is obese and in fact believes that Augustus' overeating is healthy. She does not change much personality wise throughout the books and movies, being portrayed as enabling and encouraging her massive son's constant gouging on chocolate. In drawings of her in the book she (like her son) is overweight. In all movies she is also portrayed as being obese, despite having a different appearance in each one. In the 1971 film she has a short brown bob cut and wears a black dress with little pink flowers all over it. In the 2005 film she has a big red "bee hive" hairdo and wears a dress with patches of orange and red. In the musical, she has a blonde braid going across her head and wears a green and red dress that seems to be modeled off of the typical German dirndl.

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