Mr. Gloop is Augustus Gloop's father. Like his wife, he was never given a first name. In the 1971 version, he is described as being a butcher. He says nothing but devours a microphone during the interview. In the 2005 version he also is portrayed as a butcher. He stands in the background of his son's interview, making sausage into links. In the musical, he actually does have one line, and he hand-feeds his son a sausage. But he isn't seen again after that.

His appearance varies greatly across the adaptations. In 1971 he has gray hair and wears a suit. In 2005 he is bald with a mustache and wears a striped green cardigan. In the musical he has curly red hair and glasses and wears a typical butcher's apron.

Mr Gloop 2005
Mr gloop 1971-fullview
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