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Miss Spider

Miss Spider is one of the deuteragonists from James and the Giant Peach.

She is a beautiful giant talking black and white spider who has two different personalities in the movie and the novel:

  • In the novel, she is described as decent and friendly.
  • In the movie adaption, she tends to keep to herself at times, but she has a motherly relationship with James Henry Trotter due to him saving her from his aunts as they hate spiders.

Miss Spider is voiced by Susan Sarandon in the movie.


Mr. Centipede

In the movie, Miss Spider and Mr. Centipede are like Dog and Cat, though they show to have feelings for each other. This is shown when Miss Spider kisses Centipede on the cheek which results in him blushing and smiling after the pirate battle. Another example is when the two are dancing together when along with Mr. Grasshopper are singing "Family".


  • It is heard that Miss Spider has a French accent