The nine man-eating giants, are a gang of man-eating giants led by the Fleshlumpeater. They live in Giant Country with the BFG, whom they refer to as the 'runt'. They are very large, much bigger than even the BFG. They are man-eating giants; they enjoy nothing more than going to Earth at night to gobble up a few 'Human beans'. Along with their beastly personalities and evil habits, they are hideously ugly. Described as having thick, purple sausage like lips, tongues like burnt steaks and crooked yellow teeth. In the 1989 animated film they are each given a unique design. The Bloodbottler has red hair and a moustache, another giant has an eyepatch and the Fleshlumpeater is designed to be the most fearsome of them all and the self appointed leader of the giants. Having tribal tattoos, ear piercings and gold cuffs, a red eye and a blinded eye with a scar and long sharp fingernails like talons.

They sleep during the day and at awake at night to feed. The BFG explains that they sometimes have certain preferences on whom they like to eat, for example the Bonecruncher likes to go to Turkey to eat the Turkish.

  • Bloodbottler
  • Gizzardgulper
  • Maidmasher
  • Bonecruncher
  • Fleshlumpeater
  • Manhugger
  • Childchewer
  • Meatdripper
  • Butcherboy
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