The home of the BFG and the other giants. The giants are nocturnal. It is a desert with blue rocks and the only living things (besides giants) are snozzcumbers. However in the 1989 animated film, Giant Country is located in what appears to be another dimension or an alien planet, rather than another country. There are a variety of creatures that live in Giant Country. These include; mouse like creatures and dinosaurs. The sky is orange with two suns, one yellow and one green. A vast nebula can be seen at night, and the landscape is dotted with ruins. Meanwhile in the 2016 adaptation, giant country takes the form of an island covered in rolling green hills, and rocky cliffs, quiet unlike the desert the novel and animated film portray it as. There are signs that humans once lived there, as evidenced by the various man made objects that lie abandoned and scattered about the place. There is also a large ring-shaped rock formation not far from the BFG's cave.

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Giant Country in The BFG (1989)