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George's Marvellous Medicine is a children's book written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, first published in 1981.

It is about a young boy, George, who is forced to stay with his witchlike grandmother, with a penchant for eating bugs. However, considering her elderly state, she must have her medication each day, and her grandson must bring it to her. George, being the curious young boy he is, decides he will instead create his own medicine for her, just to kind of shake her up a bit.

He begins to look all around the house and the barn for all sorts of medicines, lotions, creams, paints; just about anything he could get his hands on to mix up for the medicine. When he is finally complete, he gives the medicine to his granny, causing some rather unexpected results.

1) Firstly, she begins to fly up in the air abruptly, then freeze like she had just seen a ghost

2)thick clouds of smoke blew out of her nose and mouth, as she was on fire, but George put out the flame.

3)Her abdomen begins to swell, and puff out as if she was being forced by air. Her face turns a lime green during this process.

4)The air hissed out, but she began to grow taller and taller by the minute, until she poked through the rooftop hundreds of feet above.

This caused granny to go rather power-hungry, and felt as if she had conplete control over all of the town. George was seemingly more excited with the concoction he had created, and fed it to the farm animals, causing them to sprout up and greatly increase in size much like grandmother had, which made her envious. When Georges parents had returned, they began to pay attention to their new large livestock, which caused e grandmother to scream in jealousy. However the medicine soon runs out. George can't remember everything he added so when they try to cook up a new batch, it goes wrong and the chickens it is tested on end up with bizarre features such as long stilt-like legs, a long neck or shrink instead.

Grandma sick of being ignored nags George to make her some tea. She sees he is holding a tea cup full of a brown liquid. (She doesn't know it is the failed batch of medicine) She insists on drinking it, despite her daughter and Grandson trying to stop her. (George's father encourages her though.) she drinks it and it causes her to shrink until she vanishes completely. They all live happily ever after.