The Fleshlumpeater is the head Giant in "The BFG." He is fifty-four feet tall (and thirty feet taller than the BFG). Along with all the other Giants, he is captured and bound somewhere in England, where he is fed only Snozzcumbers. In the live action movie they are stranded on a deserted island.

The books illustrations leave little to describe the individual giants, however the animated film gives them unique designs. The Fleshlumpeater, appearing to be the leader of the giants is the most terrifying having tribal tattoos and markings, ear rings and battle scars, gold wrist cuffs, razor sharp, talon-like fingernails, one red eye and one blinded eye with a scar. He has a very formidable, beastly appearance and a short temper. He doesn't take kindly to the BFG betraying the other giants and tries to kill him.

In the latest film he is a ginger haired man dressed in furs who regularly intrudes upon the BFG whom he calls runt, because he's jabbering to things (Which annoys the Fleshlumpeater as it wakes him up) or because he has hurt himself. (He calls an injury a boo-boo like a child would.)

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