This is for students who need to get there life

Agatha Trunchbull who is a Principal of Crunchem Hall Primary School in the book Matilda and the Film Matilda who is a Principal of Crunchem Hall Elementry School is an ogre and a Monster. If you ever meet a teacher or a person like her you must run for your life. My Auntie tells me a story each night and she gives Miss Trunchbull nicknames. They are: Ms. Trunkbull, Trunckbull, Ms. Trunky, Trunky, Ms. Chunkbull, Chunkbull, Ms.Chunky, Chunky, Ms. Fudgebull, Fudgebull, Ms. Fudgey and Fudgeey. When you RUN for your life don't look back for she will harm you. She makes a boy Bruce Bogtrotter eat a gigantic chocolate cake. My Auntie also calls Bruce Bogtrotter nicknames. She calls him: Brucey Baby, Bruce Bomb-tricker, Bruce Bomtrottey, Bogey Bruce, Bruce Bogtrottey. She not only does that but she makes up a story and says:Once upon a time there was a teacher named Miss Trunckbull. One day she caught a boy named Bruce Bomb-tricker eating a chocolate cake so she said one day, Brucey Baby come to Mommy. When we see and hear this ogre Ms. Trunchbull we have to run everywhere for our lives. If we do not run for our lives she will be very wicked and devilish and will torture us and make us suffer in our dreams and in real life. I also described Ms. Trunchbull as an ogre because in both the film and she grabs Amanda Thripp by the Pigtails and throws her over the fence. I say that she follows Satan because when she throws Amanda Thripp to the fence, in the book Amanda Thripp was bruised and tortured while in the film she nearly gets tortured by the fence and only lands safely. I am now going to describe what she did to Amanda Thripp in the book.

Ms. Trunchbull: I want those filthy pigtails off before you come back to school tommorrow. Chop em off and throw em in the dustbin you understand. OK I understand all this but what does Crunchem actually mean because I need it for my comprehension. :)