Hello everyone! I, Christopher Peterson, have decided to make a story section. See who wins. Make sure your version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryis in a form of a script and be sure you add new characters: Veronica Gloop (Augustus Gloop's gluttonous sister), Tommy Salt (Veruca's Spoiled twin brother), Johnny Beauregard (Violet's gum-addicted brother), Tian Teavee (Mike's television-obsessed sister), an d Tootie Bucket (Charlie's sister). And make sure you alter the rooms in Ronald Dahl's story as fallows:

  • The Chocolate Room: The garden made of candy shall be either smaller or bigger than any other garden. And the the pipes shall be as thin as a rake.
  • The Inventing Room: Add your machine that your own candy. And give this room and other machines some color.
  • The Nut Room: Please add alot of chutes.
  • WonkaVison: The Camera shall be 50 ft taller than a normal one.


Mike Teavee: [Points to his sister who presses a few buttons, then stand infront of the camera] Look! We're gonna be the first poeple ever to be sent by television.

Tian: [as she and Mike begin to dissappear as the lights from the camera lense shine on them] See you later [echoing] alligator, gator, gator, gator!

Mr.Teavee [Screaming in panic] THEY'RE GONE!?

[Augustus and Veronica get stuck in a pipe and struggles to get free. Then WHOOF! They shoot upward, their screaming slowly fades out.]

Mrs. Gloop: They disappeared!

Mr. Gloop: [Panic goes out-of-control] Call a Plumber, call the th police, call th fire brigade, do something or our children will be mashed like a marshmellow.


Mrs. Gloop [gulps]

[An Ooompa-Loompa comes over]

Wonka: Please take the couple to the Chocolate Smelting Room, before their kids get chilled to a -120(o) Ferenhite, or was that celsius? Well anways,if that happens the chocolate will trap them.


The winner will get a chance to make his/her own wiki.

A Random and Uncredited Story

Mr Wonka: "Okay, children. First we will go to my most beloved creation: The Chocolate Room, (the crowd stands in aw) See my Chocolate River? Ten thousand Gallons an hour. An the pipes suck it up carry them to every room here.

Veronica: Can we eat anything?

Wonka: Eat Anything? Of course! It is HUGE! It is bigger than the largest garden in the world! Here it is.

Johnny: Is there any gum?

Violet: Yeah, what he said.

Mike: Is there a television set around here?

Wonka: No. It is better.

Charlie & Tootie: Is it chocolate?

Tommy: Daddy, I want my chocolate now!

Veruca: Me too!

Mr. Salt: Something's moving over there! Who are they?

Wonka: Oompa Loompas from Loompaland, of course and oh, what a jungle it is. Nothing but Wangadoodles, and Vermicous Knids.

Veruca: Look! LOOK! The Gloop kids are drink

Augustus: This is so creamy and delicious!

Wonka: Nooo! Wait! It is now contaminated!

(Veronica and Augustus fall in and get sucked up the pipe.)

Mr. Gloop: Help us! Save them!

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