Aunt Sponge

Aunt Sponge is James' aunt, Spiker's sister, and one of the two main antagonists from James and the Giant Peach. It is unknown whether Spiker and Sponge are the sisters of James' father or mother. She is played by Miriam Margoyles in the movie.


Sponge is a cruel, sadistic and very vain woman. She appears to be slower and stupider than her sister, Spiker. When her nephew James Trotter is sent to live with her and Spiker, she mentally and physically abuses him, and basically uses him as a slave. She is also very greedy, for she and her sister immediately make the peach a tourist attraction and trick people out of their money. Sponge is later killed by the peach, but in the movie she is wrapped up by the spider's thread and arrested. She also brought about the death of Miss spider's father and grandfather.

Physical appearance

"Aunt Sponge was enormously fat and very short. She had small piggy eyes, a sunken mouth, and

one of those white flabby faces that looked exactly as though it had been boiled. She was like a great

white soggy over boiled cabbage."

Sponge is described as short and very fat, almost morbidly obese, in contrast to her sister's lanky physique. Her face almost "looks like it has been boiled." She has little piggy eyes.


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