Aunt Spiker

Aunt Spiker is James' aunt, Sponge's sister, and one of the two main antagonists from James and the Giant Peach. It is unknown whether Spiker and Sponge are the sisters of James' father or mother.


A dominating, cruel, malicious, and thoroughly repulsive lady, who derives a sadistic pleasure in manipulating and tormenting young James, who she and her sister Sponge see as nothing more than a slave. Assumably the older of the aunts, both she and Sponge are vain, each singing praises of their imagined beauty while they are in fact repulsive, but each attacks the other's repulsiveness. James never hears either aunt laugh out loud during his three years with them. She meets her end when she is crushed to death as the giant peach rolls over her. In the 1996 film, she and Sponge survive being crushed by the peach and pursue James to New York. However, James finally stands up to them and ties them up with the Spider's thread. The police then take them away.

Physical Appearance

"Aunt Spiker, on the other hand, was lean and tall and bony, and she

wore steel-rimmed spectacles that fixed onto the end of her nose with a clip. She had a screeching

voice and long wet narrow lips, and whenever she got angry or excited, little flecks of spit would come

shooting out of her mouth as she talked."   Spiker is described as tall and thin - almost emaciated - with steel glasses.