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Angina Salt is Veruca's mother and wife of Mr. Salt. Her name is Angina in the novel and Henrietta in the 1971 film. She is the second to go down the rubbish chute in the book. Unlike her husband in the book, Angina is more willing to talk her daughter out of her wishes, but her daughter doesn't care in the slightest. She, her husband, and their daughter leave the factory covered in trash.

The book states her to be a geography teacher. However, that role is moved to Mrs. Teavee in the 1971 movie and by Norman Teavee in the 2005 movie.

1971 film

  • Angina is given the first name of Henrietta. She seems indifferent to Veruca's rants, doing needlepoint while her husband is pleading with Veruca that his employees are looking for the Golden Ticket.

2005 film

  • Mrs. Salt is not given a first name in the movie. She drinks martinis in place of reacting to her daughter's bratty and demanding behavior, which she makes her husband deal with. She is depicted as a wealthy socialite in her 40s.


  • In the book, Mrs. Salt is named "Angina." (Although her name is not mentioned in the 2005 film, it quite possibly is too.) Just like her daughter's disgusting name, Angina is actually a heart disease involving chest pains.
  • In a deleted version of Veruca's Golden Ticket scene in the 2005 film, Angina describes how her daughter got the Ticket, and was going to accompany her to the factory instead of her husband.[1]
  • In the book she is also described as being quite fat.